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A unique Emittion Electro that consists of DMX controlled LED lights, synchronized and precision-guided winches, configurable according to your desire! Kinetic Decor Lights are programmable sculptures in motion. Immerse your guests with a three-dimensional, visual experience unlike any other! Using space and movement to create dynamic depths of motion, Kinetic Decor Lighting transforms your event space into an animated piece of art.

Most performers will admit that they are in the dark when it comes to lighting. Lighting is traditionally considered to be a specialty of DJs and front of house masters. What if we told you that lights and their extensive features are valuable tools for all musician, educators, houses of worship, or corporate events? DJs, singers, singer songwriters, guitar players, bass players, drummers, teachers, public speakers and events planners all have a need for lighting that can elevate their performances or events. With a little help from a well-placed FX light or PAR can a venue, performance or engagement can be transformed into an energetic and moody gig set to amplify the talent or presentation on display. Finding the right combination of lighting elements will empower presenters and performers to captivate their audience and drive the message home. To begin your journey into lighting, consider some of our best sellers, like the American DJ VBAR and VPAR packs, or consider some of our integrated lighting options, like the Chauvet DJ 4BAR USB LED Wash and Effect lighting package or 4PLAY Six-Channel LED Beam Effect System. If simplicity of installation and ease of use are the deciding factors for you, IRC remote controlled lights, which can all be controlled using IRC controllers like the Chauvet DJ IRC-6 or the American DJ UC IR. For the venue owner looking to update and refresh their lighting package, check out the Chauvet DJ D-Fi USB enabled professional lighting series, which empowers you to leverage the simplicity of USB connections, and control your DMX lighting effortlessly and wirelessly. Emittion Electro has been providing its award-winning services to clients across Ontario since 2001. Over the last 16 years, Emittion Electro has expanded from a one-person operation to Toronto’s largest and most renowned DJ service companies in the country.

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