Digital Peon Bell

a call bell system can be placed at any convenient place of the customer, foot switch are also available for the same purpose that allows multiple users to alert waiter remotely if they need any service. When the button is pressed by the user, a visual signal and a buzzer beep alerts at the waiters base station. Call from a user remains registered till the waiter manually clears the call from his base station only. It is very simple & you can start using the system immediately. The call button provides the following benefits to user: it is robust lightweight abs plastic molded light in weight .the system works on as low as 3-9 volts hence no electrical hazard is involved. Provides the user an increased sense of service ability this consists of all solid state circuit resulting in high reliability.

Now with the waiter call units, a new replacement system can be easily installed with the minimum of disruption and cost. An l.e.d. Placed in the switch glows when a user calls. This results in confidence of the user that his call is reaching the concerned person. This can be placed at any convenient place. Call from a user remains registered till the waiter attends the user and clears the call from control station. Provided by supreme international call system (call bell system), this confidence allows the waiter to remain at cabin and work or relax, instead of rushing towards the users all the time.

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