Hybrid Solar & UPS System

HYBRID AND UPS SYSTEMS A Hybrid Solar Energy System usually refers to a solar pv and battery storage with mains grid backup. Hybrid systems are becoming increasingly popular, as battery prices continue to drop and feed in tariffs decline.

HYBRID INVERTERS 5.36kWp Premium Quality 3phase Battery Ready System for Neil ArchitectureThere are many types of hybrid inverters, which generally convert solar direct current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) while being able to intelligently charge and discharge power from the batteries when required. Many Hybrid Inverters have the ability to charge batteries from the grid, which can be useful for UPS systems, as well as using off peak power for use at peak periods.With the advancement of quality low cost Lithium Battery Technology, most of our Hybrid systems are installed with Lithium Battery banks which are more compact and offer greater cycle life than conventional lead acid type batteries.

HYBRID SYSTEM UPGRADE Most Installed Solar Power Systems, can be Upgraded to include batteries for a Hybrid Solution. In most cases, the existing grid connect inverter is replaced entirely with a solar hybrid inverter, coupled with a battery bank, however, a quality grid inverter can be coupled with an inverter charger to create a hybrid power system.

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