ATS Panel

ATS stand for (Automatic transfer Switch). ATS panel is one of the systems that switch the power supply from KESC/WAPDA to Generator. ATS panel system automatically detects the power failure of the primary power supply and switches the generator ON and when the primary power supplies restores again ATS panel turns OFF the generator and switch the system to power supply from generator to primary supply. POWER PROTECTION SERVICE creates two types of ATS panel. One ATS panel system is automatic only and one ATS panel system contains automatic with manual handling as well. The big disadvantage of fully auto ATS panel is that when an internal motor or contactor fails then the whole system will not be able to work, while in auto manual ATS panel system user will be able handle the system manually in case of any failure. Power failure is very rapid in our country and public and private sector are pretty much disturbed by this, a generator as a back up power supply system is always good to have. Generator provides uninterruptible power supply to fulfil your need, but some time it is hurdle to start the generator and people are being suggested ATS panel for starting generator automatically. ATS panel uses voltage regulators and replay to control the voltage ups n down, Power Protection Services uses best switch gears, contactor, breakers, relays and timers in their ATS panel panels which guarantees the reliability and long lasting performance of the ATS panels. We have installed our ATS panels in many public and private sector including every NADARA passport office.

ATS Panel For Generator Power Protection Service manufacturing ATS Panel with high quality and long lasting product. Our technicians very well aware of the parts and combination of ATS Panel. We use products of Merlin Gerin, Timer of Panasonic Japan, Relay Made and Breakers of Terasaki. Different ATS Panel Power Protection Service gives two option to their customer for ATS Panel . One ATS Panel is Auto only, this option does not gives you manual handeling to your supply switch just in case of automatic function failure. Our second option in ATS panel is Automatic with MOR, this MOR function gives you advantage of controlling suppy line manually as well if your automatic switch fails. Manufacturing of ATS Panel Power Protection Service uses all these equipment in our ATS Panel. Here iam just show the Brands that we use in our ATS Panel system ATS panel Base on, 1000 Amps (AC1) 4 Pole Contractor (Telemecanique Chekoslawakia/ France) 1250 Amps (Manual Change over Switch) (SOCOMIEC France) Both incoming Power supply through 1000 Amps. 50 kA (Merlin Gerin) Including under voltage, over voltage relay. Timer, (Panasonic Japan) Relay (Finder Italy made) Tine copper Busbar. All Panel 4 Pole design due WAPDA/KESC abnormal system Most Sufficient ATS Panel Quality of the Power Protection Service is always first priority and we always provide best product (Ats panel) because if our manufacture Goods complete according to customer’s satisfaction and our satisfied customer provide us other customer. Our companies always give the client best in best option and try to get customer complete knowledge about the Product. There are so many company manufacture ATS Panel in Karachi and every one want to get order from client but the system of ATS panel in both system auto & manual manufacture only few companies but the Power protection Service have complete engineer in ATS Panel and we have been working in filed from so lond time our Ats panel and other product are best.

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